Enhance your guest or client experience with the only mask to combine light-blocking with evidence-based acupressure — minimizing both light and stress.

SOMO™ sleep masks, with their patent-pending acupressure features (clinically shown to reduce stress and induce calm), are the first best option for achieving quality sleep, improving rest and recovery, and promoting a healthy and happy lifestyle.

The only sleep mask designed to manage light & stress

SOMOsphere ™ Acupressure Feature

SOMOsphere ™ Acupressure Feature

Clinically shown to reduce stress and induce calm by applying gentle pressure to the Yin Tang acupoint located between the eyebrows.

Premium Eye Shade

Premium Eye Shade

Advanced light blocking and convex dome shape to minimize eyelash contact and promote air flow

Uniquely Engineered

Uniquely Engineered

Anatomically contoured mask with adjustable retention band for improved fit and comfort.

It’s simply the off switch for your brain

What SOMO™ can do for you

Improve mental
& physical health

Reduce stress and anxiety
Improve focus and performance
Strengthen immune systems

High impact, minimal effort
& ongoing management

Under $40/mask versus the estimated $6000/person/year lost fo sleep deprivation

Deliver high ROI
& measurable results

Reduce absenteeism
Improve productivity
Minimize accidents and claims

Promote a healthy, happy team & work culture
Demonstrate appreciation for members, employees, guests
and partners
Business applications
& uses

Performance reward
Branded perk, gift, or resale Enhanced brand experience

Business stakeholders
& teams

Members and employees
Partners and investors
HR and management

Product features & benefits

Acupressure Point

Clinically shown to reduce stress and induce calm. Patent pending.

Convex Dome Shape

Minimizes eyelash contact and promotes air flow for eye comfort.

Anatomical Design

Maximum light blocking and precise fit, supporting all sleep types.

Adjustable Retention Band

Keeps mask in place, improves fit & comfort, minimizing pressure points and hair snags. Patent pending.

Lightweight, Hypoallergenic

Resistant to dirt, moisture, and mildew. Premium materials. Latex free.

Portable & Stylish

Small, simple, sleek, and soft, this mask can go anywhere.

Safe, Simple, Self-directed

Non medical, non pharma, non supplemental, no side effects and uses body’s existing physiology for self healing.

Reliable and Durable

Sleep supplements are unregulated and unreliable. Quality crafted.

Machine Washable


Product Specifications


Midnight, Amber, Mesa, Dune, Surf

Mask and Travel Pouch

230mm/9.05” x 85mm/3.3"

Travel pouch

269.75mm/10.62" x 124.46mm/4.9"


Nylon & Spandex


One size fits all

Product Specifications
Sport Adjustable

Wholesale pricing available. MSRP $60

Mask Length


Mask Width


End to End



29 grams/1 ounce

Product Specifications

Wholesale pricing available. MSRP $60

Mask Length


Mask Width


End to End



38 grams/1.35 ounces

SOMO Sleep Fitness mask shown: Sport adjustable (left) Luxe (right) in Midnight

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Customization options

  • Co-branded travel pouch (stitched logo)
  • Co-branded mask (heat-stamped logo)
  • Color choice for mask

  • Colors available:

    Midnight | Mesa | Amber | Dune | Surf

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