The SOMO Experience

Designed for a personalized fit

Everyone is unique — from the shape of their face and head to their preferences in a sleep mask. That’s why we designed the SOMO Sleep Fitness mask to adjust and conform to your face and head — ensuring a fit as unique as you are.


How to wear your mask

The SOMO Sleep Fitness mask should fit comfortably, without being too snug, and the SOMOsphere acupoint point should be centered between your eyebrows.

The band should be positioned above your ears and is recommended to be placed higher around the back of your head.


How to fit and adjust your mask 

1) Shape your mask

The SOMO Sleep Fitness mask should be shaped with a curvature, improving fit and comfort.  Hold the mask in both hands, with the inside facing you, and place your thumbs on the nose wire.  Press forward against the nose wire with your thumbs, as you gently pull the ends of the mask towards you, until you achieve a shape that matches the curve of your face.

Next, gently adjust the width of the nose wire to minimize any light seeping in around your nose.

2) Adjust your headband

The band should be positioned above your ears and is recommended to be placed higher around the back of your head. While the Luxe model of our mask features a self-adjusting, attached headband, the Sport features a patent-pending, adjustable band. If wearing the Sport mask, gently slip the mask and band over your head, and holding the mask in place with one hand, reposition the band ends, using the Velcro closures, so that it fits snugly and comfortably around your head.

3) Extend your headband

The SOMO headband is designed to stretch. Simply place the mask on your head, as if wearing it to sleep, grasp it at the corners (if you’ve got a Luxe) or by pinching the Velcro fasteners together (if you’ve got a Sport), and gently pull it forward, away from your face. By doing this a few times, the headband will stretch until you’ve found your perfect fit.

4) Wear your mask regularly

Like breaking in a new pair of jeans or shoes, your SOMO Sleep Fitness mask will stretch, conform, and adjust to you with continued wear.  


Activating the SOMOsphereTM

The SOMOsphereTM can be used passively or actively. The SOMOsphere is designed to apply a constant gentle pressure to the Yin Tang acupressure point. For enhanced activation, apply additional light pressure to the SOMOsphere for approximately 30 - 60 seconds. The addition of a circular motion can promote further relaxation. People respond differently to acupressure. Some feel a noticeable sense of calm while in others it’s very subtle.


Washing your mask

Remove the headband on Sport masks before washing. We recommend machine washing in cold water on delicate cycle in a mesh delicates bag. Air or line dry only. Do not iron.