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SOMO Sleep Fitness announces launch of board of advisors with inaugural member Injae Choe, PhD LMT, founder of Sugi Acupressure

ANNOUNCEMENT: <BR> SOMO Sleep Fitness announces launch of board of advisors with inaugural member Injae Choe, PhD LMT, founder of Sugi Acupressure

Wednesday, September 27, 2023 -- SOMO Sleep Fitness, the breakthrough sleep fitness company behind the only sleep mask with a patent-pending acupressure point designed to help people rest, relax, recover, and perform, today announced that Injae Choe, PhD LMT, world renowned acupressurist, has joined the company as the inaugural member of their advisory board. 

The advisory board provides expert guidance in core areas of the business, including wellness and performance, product innovation, research, responsible manufacturing, and marketing. 

The addition of Dr. Choe supports and broadens the company’s mission to deliver simple and effective solutions for sleep fitness and stress relief, to include physical and emotional recovery, health and wellness.

Dr. Choe is founder of Sugi Acupressure, a naturopathic therapeutic clinic, rooted in the science of eastern medicine and bolstered by modern neuroscience, positive psychology and functional medicine.  Sugi’s mission is to restore the whole being to optimal health and happiness by boosting one’s own body’s natural systems.  Says Dr. Choe, “My passion is to educate and treat as many people as possible through SUGI for natural pain relief, gut and hormone-balanced health, sleep health, emotional release and total well-being. By targeting the crucial Yin Tang acupressure point, the SOMO brand and its products dovetail with the core wellness principles of Sugi Acupressure. Some benefits of constant gentle pressure on Yin Tang as applied by the SOMO Sleep Fitness mask during sleep include inducing calm sleep, alleviating frontal headaches, reducing anxiety, and clearing nasal congestion.”

“Injae’s professional training, combined with years of practical clinical experience, contributes invaluable perspective to the SOMO brand as we continue to grow and evolve beyond sleep fitness and innovate our product offerings in health and wellness.  Our goal is to empower individuals with self-care tools, to proactively achieve optimal health,” says Lisa Juris, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of SOMO Sleep Fitness. 


A new venture, SOMO’s mission is to deliver simple and effective solutions for sleep fitness and stress relief, making people happier and healthier. The SOMO Sleep Fitness mask is a premium product with compelling aesthetics, uncompromising comfort, and the patent-pending SOMOsphere, applying gentle acupressure to reduce stress and create calm. A D2B2C company, SOMO is being embraced by global wellness industry leaders, thought leaders, business leaders, and people everywhere, who seek to improve their well-being, enrich their busy lives and optimize their daily performance.

The company was co-founded in 2021 by Lisa Juris, a best-in-class brand builder for Fortune 500 companies and emerging global brands, and Dr. Paul M. Juris, health, wellness and fitness industry expert, author, speaker and educator with a deep and diverse background in academia, research science, human performance, and product development.  SOMO Sleep Fitness launched its sleep fitness mask in April 2023 to overwhelmingly positive response as a simple and complementary solution to today’s tech-tracking global wellness community. Oura, the world’s most trusted smart ring, selected SOMO as its strategic partner for their 2023 global refer-a-friend spring campaign, reaching their 1M+ members across 43 countries. For more information, visit


Among the various popular modalities of therapeutic bodywork, Sugi Acupressure stands out as one of the most versatile styles of traditional Asian manual therapy. As such, Sugi uniquely connects the mind and the body, effectively delivering noticeable results on both the physical and energetic levels. It is a powerful amalgamation of therapies that produce structural integrity (as in physical therapy) as well as a balanced Chi flow (as in acupuncture).  Its founder, Injae Choe PhD, LMT, is a nationally board-certified bodyworker; licensed in NY and CT.  He holds a doctorate in Psychology with emphasis on neuroscience and emotional processing.  An expert in root-cause approach to chronic illnesses, a pioneer of manual therapy for gut bacteria and hormonal rebalancing, he also provides personalized holistic wellness coaching.  For more information, visit



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