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A New Sleep Experience:
Finding comfort with your SOMO sleep mask

A New Sleep Experience:<br /> Finding comfort with your SOMO sleep mask

This post is inspired by a new customer. We’ll call him Jay. Jay contacted us to say that he couldn’t get used to his SOMO sleep mask.  After we discussed his experience, a few days passed, and we heard from Jay again:

“I’m happy to report: No issues since we talked. I tested it out over several nights. It’s an amazing product and I’d love to provide a testimonial for your website.”

What happened?

In Jay’s case, the mask needed some adjustment and contouring. You can learn more about wearing and adjusting SOMO Sleep Fitness masks here.

While we certainly recommend adjusting and shaping your mask to your head and face, we also always suggest sleeping in your mask for a few days before coming to any conclusions. With the reward being both better sleep and better living, give yourself time to adjust to your new sleep mask, and give your sleep mask time to adjust to you.

It's perfectly normal to feel a bit uncomfortable when trying something new, even expected, and it can take some time for your body and mind to adapt. In psychology, this is referred to as habituation, where, with repeated exposure to a new stimulus, one becomes less aware of it, or more comfortable with it.

When designing experiments researchers make accommodations for a “practice effect” before they begin measuring the outcome of the treatment.  Essentially, by “practicing” something new, performance improves. This is another form of habituation. Wearing a new sleep mask, repeatedly, is a form of practice, the effects of which will improve over time.

In short, adjust your mask, contour your mask, and then give it a few days. Like a new pair of shoes or jeans, you and your SOMO Sleep Fitness mask should be one.

Finally, please don't be afraid to seek our help or advice if you need it. If you're having trouble acclimating to your new SOMO Sleep Fitness mask, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for advice or tips. We appreciate your feedback and we love connecting with our customers.

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